How to start making money in the financial markets with a minimum start-up capital

Buy cheaper and sell more

Asset prices change every day – this makes it possible to buy and sell stocks, gold, currencies, indices and energy resources for your own benefit. You can make money in two directions: on the growth of their value and on the fall.

The rules are the same for everyone: buy cheaper, sell more. For example, to make money on the growth of stock prices, you buy them, say, at $ 17 per share, and after a time, when their price reaches $ 30 per share, you sell them. The difference between the buy price and the sell price is your profit.

Minimum investment

You don’t need to have a huge starting capital to start trading. Anyone can take advantage of leverage and trade large amounts, even if they do not actually have them on hand. For example, you can buy $ 20,000 worth of shares by investing only $ 200 in the purchase.

Where to begin?

About 75 million people trade in financial markets. Their experience shows that you can increase your capital from 0 to 8000%. The main thing is to approach the issue systematically.
First you need a trading platform – this is a connection with the market.

It allows you to:

  • get the necessary knowledge about current asset prices (quotes);
  • conclude transactions for the purchase and sale of assets through Internet;
  • use analytical services to make accurate forecasts.

The platform provides access to all trading instruments from one interface. And the basic rule – to buy cheaper and sell more – applies to any of them.