How it works?

Indices are unique financial instruments that can be used both for trading and for tracking and measuring overall performance and market sentiment. The indice measures the aggregate of associated stocks and is used to assess the performance of a sector, region, or state economy. For example, German DAX 30 indice measures the performance of the top 30 German companies, the NASDAQ 100 indice measures the performance of a group of American companies mainly in technology sector.

Make money trading stock indices

How can I replenish my balance or withdraw profits?

The world’s most popular stock indices include the world’s major currencies and have the highest trading volumes and liquidity.

By trading indices with the industry leading broker – Bankingsy – you can count on a selection of the best indices in the industry, buy and sell indices at a spot price that matches your strategy, and trade indices with the leverage that suits your trading style. This can strengthen your position and potentially increase your profits.

Why trade major world indices:

  • High profitability and access to global markets
  • Playing on market uptrends or downtrends
  • Ability to open both long and short trades
  • Great option for portfolio diversification
  • No additional payments and commissions

With Bankingsy you can trade stock indices such as NASDAQ, Japan 225, Standard & Poor’s 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, China, DAX, IBEX, ASX 200, Financial Times Stock Exchange, Cotation Assistée En Continu, Euro Stocks 50.